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Karl Spiegl GmbH & Co. KG 

Development of the company


Every year, Karl Spiegl GmbH & Co. KG builds around 1000 water treatment systems in all sizes and areas of application.


Right from the start, the company has dealt with drinking water treatment for private households and objects, as well as with the treatment of process water in the industrial sector.

Continuous development activities gradually opened up further applications.

Membrane technology, with a focus on "reverse osmosis", has been an integral part of the production program for 20 years. In the last 15 years, the program has been expanded to include industrial applications in the high-demand area.

The main activities in recent years have been larger systems and applications with special requirements in terms of product water quality with a focus on the microbiological condition of the water.

In addition, developments are carried out for original equipment manufacturers, especially with regard to their requirements.


Further in-house developments in the area of water quality control are currently underway.

The area of membrane technology is also constantly being expanded.

Systems for the recovery of water and systems with closed circuits and integrated purification of the water have now been implemented.



In addition to the systems listed below, we have in-house developments for

the following applications in the program:


- Hardness sensors for water softening systems and associated controls

- Catalytic filter material for removing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide

- Hardness monitoring technology based on our sensors

- The leaching process for selective substance removal from solutions and emulsions 


Most of our customers are resellers from the following groups:

  • Water treatment companies

  • Original equipment manufacturers who need our systems as part of their overall system

  • Boiler manufacturers who act as system suppliers for steam boilers

  • Plumbing and building technology

  • Surface technology (painting, electroplating)

  • Manufacturers of water treatment systems who use our systems to complete their program (e.g. sensor systems, soft water monitoring)


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